Workshop 4 | Driving Organizational Change Through User Research

What happens after your wrap up an amazing user research study? Does it help improve part of a product or drive the business and experience strategy for your organization? In this workshop we will explore how to maximize the value of your user research and influence strategic grassroot level changes.

We will begin the workshop by exploring the value of stakeholder support, including an exercise focused on how to develop effective stakeholder maps. Next, we will review the specific challenges in getting your user research into practice and some techniques to overcome them. This includes a practical guide to influence product decisions across various stakeholder groups using scenarios and story maps. We will then walk through how to craft a compelling business case that integrates both user and business goals into an overall UX strategy. The workshop will conclude with a discussion and exercise focused on how to effectively work with your leadership team, leveraging techniques such as storytelling, visualizations, and metrics.

Is your user research only focused on the design of a product, but not impacting your organization? If so, come join our workshop to learn some techniques to leverage the full power of user research by driving meaningful change in your organization.

Vandhana Bhaskaran
Experience Design at a leading Airline
Bill Albert
Executive Director of the User Experience Center (UXC) at Bentley University