Workshop 3 | How to Effectively & Creatively Mix Methods

Mixed methods research breeds creativity. It forces you to think critically about which methods to use in addition to how and when to combine them. In this way, mixing methods enables you to find new ways of pairing methods to create unique study designs for each research question.

This workshop will cover strategies and frameworks for how to triangulate different methods — including qualitative and quantitative data. To bring these strategies to life, we’ll share an example from Spotify research where we combined a diary study with quantitative, behavioral data to fully understand our users’ experience.

This will be a hands-on session where you get to design your own mixed methods studies. You will be challenged to get creative and decide which methods to mix to gain the deepest understanding of different kinds of research questions. You might even adapt or innovate on existing methods.

Bring your critical thinking, curiosity and playfulness!

Colette Kolenda
Senior User Researcher at Spotify