About UXinsight
How it started

While talking to other UX researchers a few years ago, it became clear we all wished we had access to our research peers for advice, knowledge sharing and to use as a sounding board. From this, the UX research meetups were born and subsequently the first UXinsight conference.

UXinsight has become a popular and respected international UX research conference. The aim of the event is to give the UX research field and community a boost by sharing knowledge, experiences and ideas.

UXinsight 2020 is the fourth edition, with a still growing international community. Also, by collaborations, e.g. the ResearchOps Community, we continuously strive to strengthen and extend.

Our Team Members
We are bringing the finest industry experts to speak
Karin den Bouwmeester
Founder of UXinsight - UX researcher
Meike Mak
Program committee - Design Researcher & UX specialist
Carmen van der Zwaluw
Program committee - UX/Design researcher
Nidhi Jalwal
Program committee - UX researcher
Youp van Veen
Program committee - Design thinker & UX researcher
Renée de Wolf
Program committee - UX/Design researcher
Beant Kaur Dhillon
UXinsight writer - Usability engineer/UX researcher
Debbie Slijpen
Event & Marketing manager
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