Talk | Earning Trust for Impact – Treating your Stakeholders as Users

Disbelieving scientific findings is as old as science itself. Be it about the shape of the earth, evolution, or climate change, the information available is irrelevant when the audience does not trust its source.

Likewise, no matter how rigorous and important our findings are, if our stakeholders don’t trust us, we can’t change their minds and motivate them to act on critical insights.

So what is ‘trust’? What affects it? How can a researcher gain their audience’s confidence? Combining my own experience with research on psychology of trust, I will show you the power of viewing your team as users and building strong multidisciplinary relationships. You will learn how to utilize your existing research skills to understand the needs and limitations of your stakeholders, align with their priorities, speak their language, share their struggles, and support their success. By doing so, your will gain their trust and make an impact by shifting their minds and motivating change.

Işinsu Sakalli
UX Researcher at Shopify, Founder of Gamifi