Talk | A Mile in their Shoes: How do Developers Experience working with UX Professionals?

As UX professionals, operating in multidisciplinary, Agile Scrum teams, we feel that working with developers can be challenging. We may find that our user research insights have not been taken into account adequately enough in the end product, or are confronted with an application that does not suitably mirror our designs.

We obviously know our side of the story, but have you ever wondered how developers experience working with us?

We have. We asked them. Through a mixed-method qualitative-quantitative study, we identified pain points in the collaboration between UX professionals and developers. We co-created solutions for these pain points within the context of the Scrum framework, which we will share at UXinsight. This way, you too can improve your collaboration with developers and, ultimately, the digital tools that you jointly build for your users.

Bert Windey
UX Researcher at Ordina Belgium
Vicky De Mesmaecker
UX Researcher at Ordina Belgium