Talk | Non-Finito Prototyping: Let Your Users Fill in the Blanks

UX researchers and designers are used to putting prototypes in users’ hands to observe how they interact with products. But what if we put intentionally unfinished products in users’ hands?

Non-finito — which literally means “not finished” in Italian — implies deliberately unfinished things intended to be completed by others. The term originated in the context of fine art and can be traced back to the Renaissance period, when many artists left their work incomplete in homage to what they called “the unattainable perfection of heaven.”  In art, an unfinished work remains unfinished with only the observer’s imagination left to fill in the blanks. In product development, an unfinished work opens up possibilities for creativity in user-centered design.

Non-finito prototypes leave deliberate holes in the product experience to see how end users might fill it. It is an especially valuable technique for integrated products that have both digital and physical components to determine what should be part of the digital experience, and what should be part of the physical.

This session will inspire attendees to think creatively about to put in front of their users and help them make smart choices leading to more intuitive user experiences overall.

Jes Koepfler
Director, UX Research & Strategy at Bresslergroup