Talk | Storytelling for UX Researchers – Getting Buy-in to Solving for Users

Almost every good product depends heavily on UX research. But that research is worth nothing if the findings don’t make it into the final design. The way we present our results affects the way stakeholders relate to them — and whether the finished experience “solves for users”.

In this talk, I’ll first cut through some assumptions and biases that may affect the way we communicate research results. Then we’ll flip sides and look at the conversation from the client’s point of view — whether internal or external.

Next, I’ll apply storytelling techniques to presenting research results. After a quick introduction to the neuroscience behind the power of stories, I’ll introduce you to a basic template you can fill out to prepare for meetings and to structure your slide decks. We’ll wrap up with your questions, so you feel prepared for your next presentation meeting.

Sabine Harnau
Messaging strategist, copy coach & communications trainer at From Scratch