Talk | UX Research in Field of Design, Data and AI

As the world is increasingly connected, and the promise of personalization is gaining traction, we have to invest in evolving our design practice to deliver in this new reality. Over the last years, Philips Experience Design invested in developing our Data Enabled Design capability.

Our goal is to develop propositions in context and personalize solutions by connecting with users and their background more directly. We are gathering continuous insight into their personal needs.  Especially in the health technology domain, this step towards delivering tailored care to the patient is needed to ensure care is accessible and affordable in the future.

We developed our UX practices hand in hand with advancing our Data Enabled Design way of working. In this presentation, we will show how the skills and added value of the UX researcher becomes an intrinsic part of the systems we design. We developed methods that bring qualitative and quantitative data together, use existing and new tools to translate this data to insights and how these insights inform the design of data and AI-enabled solutions. We will present, through case studies, our approach and the role of UX research in this. The case studies took place in the health technology field and show how we are working towards truly personalized care.

Jos-marien Jansen
Sr. People Research Consultant at Philips Design