Talk | Our Research Ops Journey – how we Mastered the Transformation

“This research ops thingy sounds smart – we should do that!”

Easier said than done, right? How do you start? Where do you focus on? – We do not have a universal answer for that. But we will share our own story that will inspire you to find your own way.

As a digital agency USEEDS° has focused on customer-centricity for more than 10 years. As the awareness for greater product success through user-centered development grew, so did the demand for experienced researcher and thus our research department. We had to face the challenges of standardization and knowledge management.

This was the moment when the concept of research ops management seemed like the right solution for us.

We would like to take you on our research ops journey that will show you how we at USEEDS° started with a practice lead role, later were joined by a technical lab responsible and now even have a dedicated research ops manager. With our talk you will learn what main requirements for these research ops roles are and how their tasks and responsibilities were defined. Find out what low hanging fruits can be implemented quickly and how the research ops roles had an impact on our research team and our daily work.

So do not hesitate – join us on our journey!

Vivien Melcher
Research Lead at USEEDS°