Talk | A Repo’s journey

from the view of an erstwhile team of research operatives determined to change the world of research repositories… for free

Follow this timeless saga of people breaking free from the shackles of system incompatibility and a world of Frankenstein research. Watch them fumble as they follow the trail of the research cyclops, using the lost scrolls of consent to guide them. Wince as they struggle through the labyrinth of taxonomy in search of the reports graveyard, where insights go to die. Share their joy as they find some nuggets, discarded from a long-forgotten project, with the power to validate a hunch and bring a looming brief to life. And most importantly, discover how they managed to get out of this dystopian ecosystem and change the repoverse, with the help of a deus ex machina called ResearchOps.

The Repo’s journey doesn’t have to be this way. There is a solution. We have the seeds of that solution. Come and hear our story.

Holly Cole
Research and Research Ops Manager
Mark McElhaw
Experience Strategist