Program – Research Ops

Research Ops
April 8, 2020

In collaboration with the global Research Ops Community, we extended this year’s conference by one day. On April 8th, the program is fully dedicated to Research Ops. A growing discipline of UX research that includes the people, mechanisms, and strategies that set research in motion.

Over the last 18 months, Research Ops has grown in popularity. If you’re a User Researcher, Research Leader or Design Leader at the start of your journey with Research Ops, this conference is for you. In conjunction with the Research Ops community, UXinsight will be bringing some of the world’s leading thinkers and doers in this space to share their experiences of Research Ops.

Research Ops Community

Call For Participation (now open! – Nov 16th)

We heartily invite people involved in Research Ops from around the world to present their work.

Research Ops is an emergent field. While there have been pockets of ReOps specialists for a long time, it’s only recently grown to being a profession in its own right.

We’re looking for talks which speak to the practical experience of trying something in this area. We’re interested in case studies, deep dives, collaborations and test projects. If you have some worthwhile experiences to share, please submit a talk idea. We’d like to hear from a diverse range of people and backgrounds so if in doubt, please submit.

If you are not an experienced speaker but feel that your work might benefit the ResearchOps community, please feel invited to submit your idea. We are happy to offer some form of coaching.

We are seeking proposals for the following lengths: 45 min (only for Keynotes), 30 mins and short talks.

For all submissions please use our submission form.

Choose your topic

We’ll be curating our programme using the Eight Pillars. Two recent articles from Emma Boulton tell you more about the Eight Pillars and that broad areas we are interested in.

> Getting Started with Research Ops
> The Eight Pillars of User Research



Please submit either a general Research Ops talk or consider a deep dive into a topic that falls under one of the eight pillars.

The first four pillars are about how research happens and what supports it. The context and capability. We are interested in experiences of how these things affect the implementation of Research Ops:

  • Environment
  • Scope
  • People
  • Organisational Context


The last four pillars are about how research can be systematised and scaled. The core of ops. We are particularly interested in deep dives into these areas:

  • Recruitment and admin
  • Data and Knowledge Management
  • Governance
  • Tools and Infrastructure