Program 2020

Creativity in Research
Research Ops

This year’s program is build on two themes: Creativity in Research (April 7th) and Research Ops (April 8th). On April 6th there will be workshops to develop your soft and hard skills.

Call For Participation (now open!)

For both of the themes, we are looking for people involved in UX/User/Design Research and Research Ops from all around the world to present their work.

If you are not an experienced speaker but think that your work might benefit the UX Research and/or Research Ops Community, please feel invited to submit your idea. We are happy to offer some form of coaching.

We are seeking proposals for the following lengths: 45 min (only for Keynotes), 30 mins, short talks (5 minutes) and workshops (3h).


Please find more information on both of the themes by clicking on the buttons below. You can find information about how to submit your proposal. Mind that the selection process is different for Creativity in Research and Research Ops, both having a separate submission form.