Els Dragt
Trend Researcher // Trainer // Author at How to Research Trends

Els Dragt feels that being curious is certainly not a crime. She is an independent researcher, lecturer, trainer and author with 20 years of experience. Els travels the globe to stimulate professionals and students to look elsewhere, ask questions and explore more.

She published several research-related books, such as ‘How to Research Trends’ and ‘Dare to Ask’ (BIS Publishers).

Talk | Dare to Ask: How to get into the question mood

Did you ask someone a question today?

The art of conversing with another human, having a dialogue, creates deeper connections and increases our empathy towards others. But nowadays there is a lot of focus on asking quick questions to get instant answers. More and more we turn to our screens to provide us with these answers. But aren’t we losing something when we forget to ask more questions, broader questions, sincere questions, creative questions, especially to other human beings?

In this talk we will dive into the topic of asking questions. It provides surprising insights from past and present-day masters of questionology, like Socrates, a hairdresser, Einstein, a help desk employee, Lao Tse and a police detective.

After this talk you will be able to ask more and better questions in all kinds of everyday situations: at birthday parties, business meetings, a first date, at the bus stop or in your UX projects.

Are you ready to turn the focus to the other person, ask questions, listen better and in the end: learn more?

Jeroen Timmer
Founder at EnvelopeBook
Els Dragt
Trend Researcher // Trainer // Author at How to Research Trends