Keynote | Creativity is Research

I’ll take you on a journey through the history of creativity research. Why do we think about creativity the way we do? What can we learn from creativity researchers of the past that will help us boost our creativity today?

We will see that creativity is not only about ideas and solutions. But also about finding the right problem to solve. Creativity is not about thinking outside the box but about thinking in the right box. Creativity is about being imaginative and connecting that to what you know. It is falling down and getting back up, over and over again, without giving up. Creativity is a search after a search. Creativity is research.

I’ll use the main question: ‘How to do solid UXresearch in a fast and agile world?’ as the returning example in the talk. And I’ll leave the audience with four basic techniques they can use to tap into their creativity.

Willemijn Brouwer
Creativity expert at Creativityⁿ