Researching for a brain which is unlike yours – Anniek Veltman, Aiden

You probably know how to do proper research with regular consumers. However, if you’re designing products and services for the general public (like bank apps, insurance websites, personal digital health environments), there’s usually little alternative for users and therefore your product has to work for everyone. So, how ‘regular’ are your users or customers really?

I have worked on some awesome projects for people with a cognitive disadvantage like autism or a slight intellectual disability. People who are often able to participate (mostly) independently in our society, but do have specific needs when it comes to the use of digital products.

Working on research projects with a user-group unlike your usual research subjects means you will have to change the ways you organize and execute your research in a creative and flexible way. In this talk I’m happy to share my learnings with you, which I will illustrate with some real-life examples.

Key takeaways:

✓ I’ll briefly dive into the characteristics of particular user groups and their needs

✓ After that I’ll share with you my learnings on how to do research with a user-group which is unlike your usual research subjects

✓ Finally I’ll wrap up by sharing some design recommendations that I’ve learned and might help you in your future projects