The Different Ways To Run A Moderated User Testing Sessions On Mobile – Ryan McCourt, Userlytics

As mobile device usage continues to skyrocket around the world, the need for apps and sites to work flawlessly on those devices is growing as well. In recent years we’ve seen big strides in quant and qual metrics and testing methodologies to help improve digital assets when accessing from a desktop, but with mobile a number of special challenges exist that have resulted in a series of tradeoffs when conducting moderated or unmoderated user testing on mobile devices.

In this talk, we will show how you can run a remote moderated or unmoderated testing session on mobile devices, and what tools (including free tools) are available for each methodology, depending on the type of digital asset (website or app), operating system (Android or iOS).

Three main takeaways

✓ Type of methods you can choose from when running a remote moderated or unmoderated UX test

✓ Tradeoffs associated with each, some of the free tools you can use

✓ Trends in technology ecosystems that are making it easier and implications going forward