UXD 4.0 : Designing the Human Experience of Data Rich Complexity in Pervasive XR – Prof Karen Cham

The 4th Industrial Revolution requires businesses to understand and harness automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, virtualization and cloud computing, with 5G enabling a convergence of untethered AR/VR, IoT and real-time localised cloud processing in ‘the FOG’. This generates a pervasive X-Reality data-rich environment that at the moment doesn’t account for end-user experience at all.

As in any human/machine convergence, without quantifiable insights into end-user engagement in the development cycle and/or embedded in the design of any back end, undesirable personal and social outcomes will emerge, unethical practices will take hold and many products, services and business will fail.

And they say UXD is over? We have only just begun….